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Working on racism and privilege issues is a long, precarious journey. We each must be willing to reach out for assistance, learn from each other, face our fears, and be willing to act deliberately. We start by learning about the unique challenges and issues and the history and culture of each organization and community. We assess the strengths and resources available in each situation, then work together to create a plan of action built on principles of inclusion and equity. We use a combination of approaches and marshal data, analysis, and resources to support each process. Based on the needs of each group we assemble a team with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to achieve project objectives.

We work transparently; we believe every group has a shared responsibility to “hold up the mirror” and be accountable to each other and to the wider community. We raise questions and discuss thoroughly the implications of each plan. We work to understand and prepare for the impact of each initiative, and to help build organizational or community capacity as needed. We believe in grounding participants in a common experience – helping them to understand the concepts of racism and privilege, to understand others’ perspectives, and to develop common understanding amongst the group. Our goal is to provide support, skills, and resources to help individuals, groups, or communities independently sustain their work and share their lessons learned and skills with others.


    “In order for white people to do antiracist work effectively, we need to understand that we have no special card from above, no special credential, no ‘in’ that makes us experts. To imply expert status runs the risk of getting set up as the morality agents. When white people assign certain white people to be the experts, it may be a way of separating ourselves from the responsibility or ability to oppose racism ourselves. Since this ‘expert’ label may be used against us, we need to be careful not to feed into it – at the same time as we acknowledge what we do know.”
    ~Michelle Fine, Offwhite: Readings on Race, Power, and Society

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Vice President for Staff Morale


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